Located on Preston Street in Brighton, Rotana restaurant is a popular Moroccan restaurant serving a fusion of Middle Eastern dishes. 
Colourful inside, Rotana has a traditional dining room decorated with burgundy-coloured walls, white linens, Persian rugs and carved wooden screens, and locals love coming here for parties, office functions, al fresco summertime meals and group get-togethers.  

Belly dancers can be arranged on request, and the flavoursome menu is filled with Lebanese and Persian twists. 

Star dishes at Rotana include the kibbeh shamieh - homemade deep-fried lamb meatballs mixed with cracked wheat and onions; chicken couscous with caramelised onions, raisins and almonds; and the popular tagine bel barkook.  

Our Signature dish is Cous cous royal served with chicken, lamb and spicy lamb sausages and vegetables cooked in a saffron sauce. 


You MUST come and try our food... 


Halal Restaurant / Halal Food.  

All of our meat is Halal, and our chefs adhere to strict Halal standards when preparing and cooking our delicious lamb, beef and chicken dishes. We prepare Halal Kebabs, Halal Grills, Tagines and Cous Cous.